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Professional Commercial Painting Services

Delivering Quality Commercial Painting Services

We offer commercial painting services both large and small to a wide variety of buildings and facilities. We handle all size commercial painting projects —from a single room in a fitness center to an entire warehouse or office building. We will finish your project within the deadline and within your budget. We know how to perform all manner of commercial painting projects without disrupting your employees and their workday.

Our commercial painting service was designed to handle any business location type. From a small broom closet on your ground floor to the top floor of a large office building or hospital complex, Wright Paint can handle the job. We have trained, insured and bonded painting professionals on staff who are all experienced in any sized commercial painting project. We have over 20 years of professional commercial painting experience in all areas, providing exterior and interior commercial painting services to all types of businesses and their facilities. Here are some of the different commercial locations we work on:

  • Office Building Complexes
  • Hospitals, Medical Centers
  • Warehouses (Public, Private, Co-op, etc.)
  • Gyms and Fitness Facilities
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Retail Centers (Malls, Shopping Centers, Individual Brick & Mortars)
  • Hotels
  • Special Purpose

Wright Paint always works to deliver high quality work every time. We strive to provide our clients with the quality you can expect from a qualified and professional commercial painting company – on time, all the time. Let Wright Paint provide your business location with a fresh paint job that will breathe life back into your walls and halls. Have an emergency such as a roof that needs a new coating? We can do that! Have a major client visiting the office but your walls facing the front entrance have been vandalized by graffiti and need it cleaned pronto? We can handle that too!


Your business can not cease operating just to accommodate a commercial painting project. We understand that and that is why we work to get the project completed quickly. Your business will not suffer from lost revenue due to needing to close for days while your commercial painting project is being worked on. We will get your commercial painting job completed quickly and beautifully so you can keep on running your business without any hiccups and without worrying about the details. That is what we are hired to do! When working with Wright Paint to handle all of your commercial painting needs you will know that you are in good, qualified and professional hands.


Wright Paint will provide detailed estimates that are specific to your business and needs and that clearly outline our commercial painting services as well as the cost associated with your commercial painting project. Our commercial painting service estimators provide you with an accurate price and time frame and will work from the proposal to make sure that your commercial painting project is completed on time and on budget. Wright Paint employs only the best, experienced painters to handle commercial painting projects. Our painters are all qualified, professionals, licensed, insured and bonded and we hire talented painters because we only provide our clients the best.

Interior Commercial Painting Services

We offer a variety of Interior Painting Services designed to meet your needs no matter how large or small the project.

Our Exterior Painting Services will meet the challenges of your structure to help solve your coating problems.

Exterior Services

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