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Are you a property manager or building owner looking to work with one of North Carolina’s premier industrial painting companies?

When it comes to industrial painting, one company stands out from the rest and that company is Wright Paint. Wright Paint is a family-owned company with three decades of experience in completing industrial painting projects professionally, efficiently, and budget consciously.

Here at Wright Paint, when we say we understand the industrial painting service, we mean it– and our status as Greensboro’s top industrial painters proves it. To us, paint isn’t just a job. it’s a passion. And we’ve brought that passion with us to every industrial painting project we’ve taken on for the last thirty years. Some people have football as a passion. Others have dance. We have paint.

What Makes Wright Paint the Best Industrial Painting Service in Greensboro

Here at Wright Paint, we have a saying: “To be the best, you have to give the best.”

When it comes to our industrial painting service, that saying drives everything we do.

In order to meet your industrial painting needs, we consistently invest time, money, and effort into ensuring that our Greensboro-based industrial painters have the up-to-date knowledge and gear required to exceed your expectations– even on the most complex of jobs. That means all of our industrial painters are fully certified, educated on current industrial painting safety standards and best practices, and trained to adhere to the highest levels of professionalism, diligence, and quality control in the industry.  Additionally, each member of our industrial painting team brings with them years of their own experience providing industrial painting services for a number of different environments. When it comes to providing quality industrial painting service, we believe it just isn’t enough to give someone a paint brush and harness and set them to work. Here at Wright Paint, we believe in providing the support and resources our industrial painters need to make them experts of their craft. In doing this, our customers can be confident that the industrial painting service they receive from our team is the best industrial painting service they’ll find anywhere in the Triad.

Our Unique Industrial Painting Process 

At Wright Paint, close to two decades of experience in the industrial painting service has taught us one very important thing: communication with our customers is key. As a company that’s provided industrial painting services for hundreds of clients in and around Greensboro, N.C., we’ve found that there’s just something our customers like about being able to know exactly what’s going on with their industrial painting project, and being able to address any concerns by simply picking up the phone and reaching out to a member of our industrial painting service team.

That’s why for us, our industrial painting process always starts with a sit-down with our clients to determine exactly what their needs are and how we can best assist. As experienced industrial painters, we find that these sit-downs both allow us to provide more efficient and cost-effective suggestions for clients that aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for out of an industrial painting service– and allow us to introduce more options to clients that had no idea the wide range of industrial painting services we provide. After providing service in the Triad area for as long as we have, we have a unique advantage over the competition– we know the paint types and styles that work best for this climate. Whether it’s an exterior paint job, interior painting, epoxy flooring or line striping, our initial correspondence with our clients is designed to help us get the details just right– so our service can be as effective and efficient as possible.

After services have been decided by our clients, we move into the pricing process. As Greensboro’s leading industrial painters, we strive to keep our prices fair and affordable, without sacrificing quality or time. In order to do that, our pricing specialists consider a number of factors– including the size and shape of the industrial structure, the amount of man hours typically required to complete similar industrial structures, and any parameters that the client has added to the job.

In understanding that every client is different and looks for different things out of their industrial painting service, our goal is to provide a price that complements the client’s wishes while ensuring that they feel confident about the service they’ll be receiving.

As part of our pricing process, we provide a clear and concise written proposal detailing every step of the job, allocation of budget, and, of course, estimated time of completion!

What Makes Our Industrial Painting Service Different 

The industrial painting service we provide is second to none, and it’s not just because of our thirty years of experience in the Triad or our highly skilled industrial painters. And while there’s no denying that our commitment to quality and client communication definitely help in this industry, we also can’t truthfully say that either is the sole reason our industrial painting service is so much different than the rest.

That’s because honestly, what makes our industrial painting service so different is much simpler than all of these things.

What makes our industrial painting service different is the pride we take in our work.

Unlike many companies that offer industrial painting services merely as a way to scale their business, increase prices, or attract more customers, industrial painting isn’t a sideshow to us. It’s not an offshoot of our main company. We’re not looking to make a quick buck by offering it. It’s what we do– and we take a lot of pride in it.

We’ve been called on to many jobs where previous painting companies have dropped the ball and forgotten important details that led to deterioration, paint chipping, or, in some cases, even safety hazards. That will never be us– because we focus on the little things so that we don’t ever drop the ball.

There’s nothing more our industrial painters like to see than their own work as they drive down Greensboro roads months later. And it’s that pride in our work that sets us apart from the companies that merely see industrial painting as a means to an end. With painting as our passion, the industrial painting service each one of our clients receives is guaranteed to both stand the test of time, and to live up to the highest expectations they can set.

We are Wright Paint. And we truly do know industrial painting.

Interior Industrial Painting Services

We offer numerous interior services in order to provide all of your industrial painting needs.

Our exterior services will provide you with the desired industrial space and meet all of your needs.

Exterior Industrial Painting Services

Why choose Wright Paint?

At Wright Paint, we are dedicated to every project we are involved in. We not only give it our all, we make sure that we see it through from start to finish…including the preparation and clean up.
Our Approach
We know that a lot of other company’s approach to painting is dogmatic and stagnant, but we believe in catering to all our client’s needs and exceeding expectations. We love challenges and welcome differences. We celebrate the fact that each client is unique and has varying needs. The challenge is meeting all of them, and we do time and time again.
Meeting Challenges
To give the best, you must have the best and having the best includes state-of the art technology and tools that make each project easy to handle and ensures that it is done right the first time.
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