Having an industrial painter paint a commercial property can make a significant difference in the way the business looks and the way customers view it. That’s why when it comes to commercial painting, our painting contractors take pride in providing the very best painting service and paint solutions for our clients. Whether it is just a simple interior paint job, painting for multiple industrial buildings, or an elaborate exterior painting project, our commercial painters get the job done right– leveraging extensive experience in industrial painting techniques to make all of our painting projects one of a kind. When putting money towards upgrading your property via a commercial painting contractor, it pays to know the costs associated. Our commercial painting company strives to provide value in every job that we do, which means our professional painting services are both affordable and of the highest quality. Each professional painting contractor on our team has the tools and experience to do an incredible job on each project they’re a part of!

Commercial painting can include both interior and exterior surfaces. Interior walls are prepared and primed before applying paint.

Interior Painting Cost

Much like residential painting services, the cost of hiring a professional painter or painting contractor for your commercial building depends on a variety of factors. First, you have to take into account the size of the project, as this will determine the amount of paint needed and the amount of time the job will take. Painting interior surfaces of even one small room on your property can take a good amount of primer and paint. In order to determine the amount of paint and primer you may need, use a paint calculator.

Once you know the amount of paint and primer that you need for your interior paint job, you have to decide the kind of paint to use for the room(s) you want to update. At the higher end, paint can cost between $30 to $60 per gallon (many industrial coatings look best with higher quality paint). Primer, on the other hand, comes to about $7 to $15 a gallon. The quality of both of these is critical to consider, as there’s nothing worse than needing to repaint because of a cheap paint choice. It is essential to budget the highest quality paint possible, as higher quality paint will assuredly look better and last much longer. It is also important to note that if you were to DIY your paint job, you would have to pay for painting supplies as well, including and not limited to:

  • Brushes
  • Tape
  • Drop Cloths
  • Paint Trays
  • Paint Rollers

These supplies add up quickly. With DIY jobs, there is also a fear of making costly mistakes, and depending on how long the task takes you to do by yourself, you also lose access to the room for an extended amount of time. Hiring a professional painting company for industrial painting services means you do not have to deal with collecting painting supplies or losing access a room in your home for an extended period of time. When hiring professional painters and professional painting contractors, most of the budget goes towards paint and a professional labor force.

Painting Labor Cost

Local painters may charge a flat fee for painting work, or they may charge by the hour. When researching commercial painting services, ask commercial painting contractors to include a time estimate in their comprehensive estimate of total price. A high quality paint contractor will provide a time estimate and stick to it to ensure quality service. Having a comprehensive estimate of all of the costs and how the budget is being employed is vital because it ensures that the commercial painter is not taking advantage of you and is providing the highest quality work for the price.

Wright Paint explains the potential costs of labor for commercial and industrial painting projects
Industrial painting projects can include both exterior and interior surfaces. Exterior walls are cleaned and prepared, then covered with at least two coats of high quality paints.

Exterior Painting Cost

When painting the exterior of your property, you should know that some exterior materials cost more to paint because they require specialized equipment and paint. In general, painting exterior surfaces is going to cost more than an interior room, simply because the workspace the paint contractors have to cover is much larger.

In determining your budget, you should look into the proper preparations needed for your specific property. For example, painting a stucco exterior may cost the most amount of money because the prep work needed is extensive and includes cleaning and filling in cracks. The paint options for stucco paint are also limited as some paint will chip or peel depending on the particular climate. Painting stucco is one of the priciest exterior paint jobs.

It is still advised to use high-quality paint on your exterior, as it will have to withstand the elements, and of course should look good. It is also worth noting that exterior paint should always be done with two coats, so make sure to take into account that the amount of paint you purchase will need to cover the exterior surface twice when budgeting your painting project. Keep in mind that one gallon of paint covers about 400 sq ft, so in order to cover a 2000 sq ft space twice, you will need around 10 gallons of paint. Now, when budgeting, you may use a lower cost paint, around $30 a gallon, that comes out to about $300 for just paint alone. Make sure to hire a top-rated painting company with top notch painting professionals, because they will have a verifiable track record with previous clients, and will likely provide the best painting job.  At Wright Paint, excellent work is our standard.

Cost of Hiring a Painting Company

Hiring a painting company for professional paint services is the best choice in order to get a high-quality paint job at a price point that doesn’t break the bank. Make sure that you hire the best painting company that you can, one that cares about providing quality workmanship and a headache-free experience. Wright Paint offers a variety of professional interior and exterior painting services for your home. Don’t go it alone, as we can help with comprehensive painting estimates, reliable service, paint selection assistance, and a focus on client communication. Contact us today for an estimate for your residential painting job.