Parking Lot Striping

Learn How Parking Lot Striping Makes Your Lot Safer and More Efficient

Line Striping is necessary for areas with a lot of vehicle traffic, such as parking lots or garages located in the Greensboro area. Tens of thousands of crashes occur in parking lots and garage structures annually, resulting in hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries, and millions of dollars in insurance claims. Safety should be a priority in all facets of your business, and the parking options for your building is no different. Whether your parking lot striping requires some attention from years of use, or you need a new parking lot lined, Wright Paint’s commercial painting experts can give you the parking lot you need to maximize safety and efficiency.

Parking Lot Striping

When parking lot paint starts to fade, the curb appeal of your building may dwindle. Though you don’t usually think about it, the look of a parking lot is a factor in the overall curb appeal of a business. Clearly painted parking lot lines also maintain safety for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. When parking lot lines are marked on your pavement, cars know how to move efficiently in the parking lot, which means more time in your place of business and less time in traffic jams. Indicating traffic direction, where parking is not authorized, and which spots are designated for handicapped parking helps your customers move with ease through your lot.

However, parking lot paint does not last forever and requires maintenance depending on climate and use. Parking lot lines may be scrapped by snow plows, and paint can be worn out by regular traffic. This makes it so important to get the highest quality work done with long-lasting paint. Wright Paint’s focus on quality and customer service ensure that your parking lot will look brand new and add to your curb appeal.

Painting Parking Lot Lines

When planning to restripe your parking lot, it is crucial to use your space effectively and efficiently. Designing your parking lot is the first step in restriping a parking lot. Designing a parking lot is not just deciding how many spots you can fit into the area, and you must fulfill the legal requirements for the number of van accessible, and handicapped-accessible spots, remember:

  • One of every six Accessible Spaces must be “Van Accessible.”
  • Hospital outpatient facilities need 10% of patient/visitor spaces to be accessible.
  • Rehabilitation facilities that specialize in treating mobility-related conditions and outpatient physical therapy facilities need 20% of patient/visitor spaces to be accessible.

The appearance of the lines also has a lot to do with the colors and type of paint chosen for your parking lot. Yellow is a traditional choice for parking lots, with white also being a highly chosen color. When deciding on how you’d like to have your lot striped, you will have to take into account the color scheme, but also the fact that certain stencils, such as handicapped stalls, which are required by law, have requirements for color, size, and shape. Maintaining your parking lot striping to stand out against the asphalt, and marking areas clearly are of the utmost importance.

Make Your Parking Lot Safer with Line Striping

Wright Paint’s parking lot striping experts are here to help you design, plan, and execute the perfect parking lot for your property. With years of experience, our professional painters ensure you get the visually appealing, safe, and efficient parking lot that you require. Contact us today to get an estimate for your project.

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