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Residential Painting: What You Need to Know

When searching for painters and painting services in your area, either for an interior or exterior painting job, it is important to work with a painter or painting company near you that is highly rated, bonded, and known for providing top-quality residential painting services. This article will help you choose a qualified and professional residential painter and will also help you decide which of the various residential painting services are most suitable for your specific project and home painting needs.

What is Residential Painting

Residential painting is another term for house painting. Qualified residential painters are experts when it comes to painting projects dealing with single-family homes. When hiring a professional home painting company, you can rest assured that a professional team of residential painters will work hard to improve your home when it comes to your home’s style and aesthetic. Not only are professional residential painters able to improve the look of your home, they can also formulate painting services to your specific needs and desires, such as low VOC paints, specific finishes, or even drywall repairs before painting begins. Professional residential painters know how to create a certain feel for your home that is both warm and cozy and that you and your family can enjoy.

What Do House Painters Do?

Qualified residential painters may offer several interior or exterior home painting services that will improve the look of your house. Our professional residential painters will be able to provide an up front estimate for the painting project because they have painted many local homes in the past and know what the time, resources and needs will be for the most common residential painting projects. Here is a list of some of the services provided by our qualified professional residential painting company:

  •       Wall Painting
  •       Ceiling Painting
  •       Trim Painting
  •       Wallpaper Removal / Installation
  •       Desk & Fence Painting & Staining
  •       Drywall Repair
  •       Coating & Sealing

Knowing what residential painting services are available to address the different interior and exterior painting needs of your home is important for any homeowner who wants to increase the comfort and value of their home.  Picking the right residential painting company will give any homeowner a major advantage when deciding on which painting services to incorporate into an overall painting project plan for their home. Remember that not all residential painting services companies are the same. You will want to work with a qualified, professional residential painting service company that is bonded and insured and one where you will be able to validate their reviews and references.

At Wright Paint, our years of experience have sharpened our ability to focus on the details. Contact Wright Paint today for a free estimate and to discuss your residential painting needs!

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